During our initial launch of IM-IN-CRISIS.ORG, hours will be quite limited. If we are not available, you are welcome to visit: www.CrisisChat.org.

Chat NowWhat is IM-IN-CRISIS.ORG?

It’s a place to talk about problems and stress that may be difficult to talk about anywhere else… a place to find non-judgmental support and help through a difficult time. IM-IN-CRISIS is a place to find information and referrals. It’s a confidential, secure, and anonymous way of reaching out for help when you don’t know where else to turn.

IM-IN-CRISIS offers online emotional support via live instant messaging. Chat Visitors will interact with a Chat Specialist who has received extensive training in crisis and suicide intervention. Chat Specialists also have training in specific topics such as youth issues, physical and emotional abuse, depression and anxiety, substance abuse, and relationship issues.

Who’s it For?

IM-IN-CRISIS is for anyone who is going through a hard time and just needs to talk, including people who are thinking about suicide. It’s for anyone who may be experiencing depression, anxiety, relationship problems, family stressors, abuse, financial issues, and more. It’s for anyone looking for a compassionate connection when they are feeling most alone.

IM-IN-CRISIS believes that all people have the right to make choices affecting the direction and quality of their lives and are responsible for the consequences of these choices.  Chat Specialists relate to callers in ways that honor individuals and also encourage maintenance of personal integrity, dignity, and independence.

IM-IN-CRISIS is a program of CONTACT® the Crisis Line of Jackson, Mississippi. CONTACT the Crisis Line is a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency that has been offering help to those in need through its telephone crisis help line since 1971.

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